(Hey! Welcome to my about page. As you can see, it's still a little bare bones^, but if I knew you'd visited I'd be touched.)

...this site

It's all running on Ghost, on a theme called Atilla that I intend to tweak^. The original incarnation of this site ran on Firebase using entirely vanilla CSS and HTML. I even wrote my own routing software. Why? Because-


I was looking for reasons to not actually launch this blog while still telling myself (and a select few other people) that I was 'working really hard on my blog'. But look! I totally did it! And why, you ask? Because-

...this blog

I went to a thing, and it was great, and at the end there was a big spreadsheet where everyone put their contact details in. And a surprising number of people had blogs. And I checked out the blogs, and they were pretty good. So I thought, hey, why not?


  • Original site theme is Atilla by Zutrinken
  • Cover Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash
  • Various supportive nudges towards actually starting this by Rebecca, Uri, Neel, Evie, Ray, and Dan