You've found my weblog^. Feel free to look around, and do say hello.

Further down you'll find some things that interest me, that I've done, and that I recommend, as well as some opinions I have. If you're curious about why this site is like this, here is the meta post.

Recent posts: What I would build if there were no planning permission laws in the UK; A nice online edition of Pride and Prejudice.

Some things I am amused, interested, or horrified by

Some reasonably coherent opinions I have^

Some things I have done (and some takeaways)

Some things I have enjoyed^

"But Raymond, what happened to your old site?"

I nuked it. I wanted something more like an evolving document and less like one-off posts, and also I wanted to be able to dig around in the guts of the site.

This has led me to the infamously terrible decision of rebuilding my whole site from scratch, which is why none of the links work and all the pictures are gone. Such is life. You'll find more details here.

Welcome to the new weblog^, and thanks for checking in.