On Placeholder Posts

What makes a good placeholder post? Well, it depends on what the placeholder post is for. In my case there are two goals.

The first is that I want to pad out the blog. Until I write something I want to publish, it's hard to tell what the site will look like, so it's useful to have a reference post, for styling and content management.

The second is that it's another chance to set the tone of the site. I believe in intent, and small details. When I was younger, I was the kind of person who liked digging around in weird corners of sites. I wanted to know what the first post was, what happened if you actually clicked on all the random corner buttons. Very occasionally this proved very useful - it's part of how I got my first real job.

Somewhat relatedly, I had an abiding love of wandering around at night, partly because I grew up in a city full of beautiful monuments that are swamped all day and empty all night. I used to wonder why more people didn't do it.

I thought if I kept wandering I might eventually bump into them, those other night-drifters, in some particularly scenic spot, and we'd laugh about how crazy it was that nobody else had thought to do this. This did actually happen a few times, and I cherish those memories.

But anyway, I digress. I do that a lot. I write this not because I expect anyone to read it - I sort of suspect it will never be read - but because this is the sort of thing I'd have read. So if you are reading this, it's for you.

Once again, I invite you to email me. If nothing else, it'll make me smile.

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