Raymond's Weblog^

Elsewhere on the internet

Some papers

You can find me on google scholar although my profile is sadly not indexed, because I have no institutional affiliation. (Actually, they’d accept any non-gmail email, but it doesn’t seem worth the time.)

Other bits of writing

I have a smattering of LessWrong posts: the two I would recommend are this scrappy attempt at ML research and this.

Other places

I have a github but all the repos are private except for this site itself. If you’re really committed, you can snoop on my drafts.

Social Media

Other than messaging services I don’t use social media, although sadly I do have a linkedin. From time to time I make a burner twitter account.

There’s also a very defunct facebook where you might be able to find most of the extant recordings of me before my voice broke. It’s a strange thing to grow up on platforms that cycle in and out of use.