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About Me

I guess I’m a bit of a generalist. I did my degree in mathematics and philosophy mostly because I wanted good fundamentals and I didn’t want to specialise.

Officially the thing I do is run a residency programme, which in practice is a way for me to live with people I like and have space to work on a very broad range of projects.

Over the past few years my main interests have been:

“But who are you really?”

Some opinions:

About the site

It’s a nice easy Jekyll site on Github Pages. I tweak the css a bit, I write little markdown files, and they miraculously appear on the internet.


I’m going with minimalism. This is basically the default primer theme, but I tinted the background a little and replaced blue links with dotted underlines that darken when you hover over them. I also decided to add a parallax dot effect in the background, because I wanted the site to feel slightly more distinct.

A Brief History

I used to be on Ghost, because I worked for a company that used Ghost, but it was overproduced and too complex, and it was hard for me to publish posts if I pictured all my subscribers reading them, partly because lots of people I really liked and respected had subscribed.

So I nuked it and switched to this incredibly hacky static site where every page had a link to a boilerplate.js script that loaded the css. I let my thoughts branch a bit more, and it was more like a living document. But it was an unmanageable mess.

This is the third iteration, with some of the original posts preserved. For now it’s minimalist, lightweight, and easy to maintain. We’ll see how it goes!

Frequently asked questions

(The current bar is about three times)


It’s a caret. I use it to track and denote unfinished things a bit like a proofreading caret, although those are usually lower, like this: ‸.

I also like it as a neutral icon which nods at exponentiation. Something something working in public, shipping before you’re ready, compounding growth.