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When I was 17, my school’s head of drama narrowly agreed that I could have one slot at about 10pm after the main school play to put on my own piece of writing, and only because some friends of mine who he trusted a lot more agreed to produce it.

It was extremely chaotic: we did all the rehearsals in two weeks, one of the actors was my recent ex, and our AV dropped out so I had to fill in on the night. But it worked! Afterwards, I went with some friends to a park, and one of them told me that he was genuinely surprised because the play had been actually fun to watch. We recorded the whole thing on an incredibly grainy camera.

I wrote two more plays in university, plus a musical which was accepted to the Royal Mile of the Fringe. But then the Fringe was cancelled because of the pandemic, and I graduated, and it’s a lot harder to put plays on when you’re not a student. These days I mostly write prose of some kind.

I learned a bunch though, and it was a lot of fun. I’d recommend giving it a go to anyone who likes telling stories. Here are some of the big takeaways:

Ferrari Steel

In which three frineds create a fake person to take the fall for their misdeeds, then try to control him when he becomes a folk hero, then kill him when they lose control, and so on.

HisPol (1+2)

Blatant pandering to my new university cohort, sending up the university’s strange traditions. Enough of a hit that we did a second run with a sequel.

Hero-Man: Champion of Justice

Musical satire of hypermasculine saturday morning cartoons. Flew too close to the sun with this one, never got a chance to rewrite it, but man, it was fun.